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Depressed Mountain Night Rain

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Depressed Mountain Night Rain
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Mostly solo guqin music played by Jim Binkley on several qin including a spruce guqin made by Jim. Some of the music here is extremely ancient (possibly Southern Song dynasty - 1150) or before. There are two guqin/erhu duets. The erhu was played by Dr. Jiyu Yang. Melodies of interest include two new guqin compositions Blue Mountain Night Rain and Journey to Hawaii as well as the two guqin/erhu duets.

Here are the songs:

1. Blue Mountain Night Rain - modern composition by Jim Binkley. This piece describes winter scenery in Portland Oregon.

2. Journey to Hawaii - modern composition by Jim Binkley. Inspired by the guitar playing of Ledward Kaapana.

3. Song of Chu - Prof. Chen Changlin describes this piece as the guqin version of the pipa standard "Surrounded on all Sides". It tells the story of the defeat and death of the King of Chu, Xiang Yu, at the hands of the founder of the Han Dynasty. This piece is old and has an unusual tonality - the tuning is C, Eb, F, G, Bb, C, D, - six tones on the open strings. This tuning is also used in Blue Mountain Night Rain and has a very jazzy sound. From Shenqimipu (1425).

4. Wine Crazy - this song may be a Southern Song dynasty piece. By tradition it is claimed that it was authored by one of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove - Ruan Ji. The idea is that a Daoist might feign being in his cups to avoid employment in the real world. Shenqimipu.

5. Guangling San - this song is also from the Shenqimipu and is very old. By legend it is ascribed to another Sage of the Bamboo Grove, Xi Kang, and there are many stories including ghosts and revenge associated with it. The song tells a story of the son of a murdered swordmaker who sets out to revenge his father by becoming the best qin player in the kingdom. Then he is invited to court where he assassinates the King who killed his father. Edited and follows the playing of Wu Wenguang.

6. Flowing Water - Flowing water is one of the loftier ideas of Chinese landscape painting and music. The piece as High Mountain Flowing Water goes back to the legendary 6th century B.C.E. qin player Bo Ya. It can be claimed that the piece is thousands of years old but in fact the music here is the commonly played version said to be from a 19th century qin player. After Guan Pinghu.

7. Cranes Cry in the Marshlands - Shenqimipu. This piece has a six tone scale. It describes the flight and cries of cranes flying up to Heaven. Reconstruction by Jim Binkley.

8. Spring Thought - based on a partial reconstruction done by Professor Chen Changlin. This piece is about the return of nature in spring. XilutangQintong - 1525.

9. The Fisherman and the Woodcutter's Dialog - this piece presents another Taoist notion with two recluses arguing over the Tao. There is a hatchet sound at the end - perhaps the woodcutter won? After Wu Jinglue.

10. Wild Geese Landing on the Shore
- the name of this piece is a Song dynasty painting motif as found in the famous painting "Eight Views of the Xiao and Xiang Rivers". After Guan Pinghu.

11. Drunken Fisherman Sings in the Evening - the meme here is old and reflects the Taoist paradigm: the life of a "drunken fisherman" is better than a scholar toiling in the red dust of the world. After Zha Fuxi's version.

12. Thinking of an Old Friend - a lovely meditative piece. Jinyu Qinkan, 1937.

13. Yang Pass Three Variations (erhu duet) - the music here is well known and from the 19th century handbook: Qinxuerumen. The lyrics are somewhat based on the Tang poet Wang Wei's Wei City poem - one is seeing an old friend off who is leaving to go west on the silk road.

14. Moon Over the Mountain Pass (erhu duet) - from the Meian guqin school handbook published in 1931.

This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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