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a Playbill From The Broadway Production of Edward Albee's The American Dream and The Sandbox Written by Edward Albee,Directed by Edward Albee, ---------------April , 2008-------------- Starring, Judith Ivey, Lois Markle, George Bartenieff, Harmon Walsh, Jesse Williams, Kathleen Butler......................... This magazine is in great condition . see photo. If you have a specific question about this item, please contact me.
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W.I.S.O.R.-Welding & Inspection Steam Operations Drudge by NEW VIDEO GROUP
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In a lab on the Lower East Side, a team of scientists and engineers are designing a robot named W.I.S.O.R.; a futuristic, subterranean robo welder, able to withstand temperatures of 300 degrees and navigate through the snaking, hundred-mile long world of

Plurality of meaning...

It was good to hear from Alanna and April in this morning's Skype call, both at different places (geographically and in the MA) finding connections through notions of teaching and learning, values, motivations and expectations. It is always something of a 'push' I think to be asked to articulate to others your research in order to begin sharing it, and this push was well met this morning. There is a need to make this space more visible through research, to experience is one thing, but to be aware of it moves it. We talked a little about polarities, distinctions around what we are not, but the danger of then 'fixing' of limiting... So in attempts to promote a move away from a culture of either / or and advocate instead for multiple alternatives, I am going to share here some research around the practices and philosophies of improvisation in dance. "All binaries need now investigating not for their deceptively reassuring ability to be collapsed into stable - and static - units, but the very opposite: that all binaries are 'really' hidden - and dynamic - triads. Because any two terms necessarily postulate the notion of 'relationship' as the necessary - third - factor which simultaneously separates and joins any two related forces or factors. The crucial factor here is not how many ways two different units can relate to each other, but recognition that this 'third element' is not a unit but an axis, not an entity but a state of being, less a relationship than an act of relating"... The Gap as Nancy Stark-Smith refers to it, between the conscious and the unconscious, the place where you do not know where you are, where frames of reference (of normality, of practice, of visibility) are suspended - this is the place in... he nature of dance improvisation being that you are making choices in the moment of movements arising in relationship to your self, others and your environment necessitates for me a relinquishing of control, a letting go of fixed ideas around this... Source: MA Professional Practice Dance Technique Pedagogy

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  • Karen Malpede Imagines a Better World in 'The Beekeeper's Daughter'

    05/25/16 ,via American Theatre

    In 1995, she co-founded Theater Three Collaborative with George Bartenieff and the late Lee Nagrin. Their inaugural work, The Beekeeper's Daughter, is being remounted at Theatre for the New City in NYC from June 2–26. We corresponded recently by 

  • A Change in the Weather: Theatres Are Tackling Global Warming

    02/22/16 ,via American Theatre

    Please SUBSCRIBE or LOG IN to access unlimited premium articles. Theatre Three Collaborative's production of Karen Malpede's "Extreme Whether." Pictured: George Bartenieff and Kathleen Purcell. February 2016 | From the Executive Director February 22, 


George Bartenieff reprises his role in The Beekeeper's Daughter at Theater for the New City, opening June 2nd!... 05/27/16, @ExtremeWhether


  • George's Fruit Cookies

    flour, baking soda, cinnamon, cloves, eggs, molasses, raisins, salt, shortening, vanilla extract, walnut, water, sugar


  • George Bartenieff

    1993. 62 pages.

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  • OUT OF FOCUS Adds Second Performance at United Solo

    10/08/15 ,via Broadway World

    A New York Actor Works the Background and Speaks Without Speaking. A new solo play written and performed by Geralyn Cassidy, directed by George Bartenieff, making its world premiere at United Solo, is now a bestseller. OUT OF FOCUS, in part, is based on ...

  • A Sale of Art Works by Susan Rowland Will Benefit Brooklyn Arts Council

    07/20/15 ,via

    She teaches theater at John Jay College and writes about politics and culture for The Kenyon Review and Torture Magazine as well as The Brooklyn Reader. Karen Malpede is a playwright, theater director and co-Artistic Director of Theater Three Collaborative.

  • Remembering Judith Malina: One of America's Great Radicals of the Theater

    04/19/15 ,via Alter Net

    George Bartenieff, who acted with Judith at Piscator’s Dramatic Workshop as a child, was in the original Brig and starred in my play Us in 1987, which was the first scripted poetic play Judith play directed after Julian’s death; playwright Hanon ...


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George Bartenieff; Born (1933-01-24) January 24, 1933 (age 83) Berlin, Germany: Citizenship: United States: Occupation: stage and film actor: Years active

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George Bartenieff, Actor: Julie & Julia. George Bartenieff was born on January 24, 1933 in Berlin, Germany. He is an actor, known for Julie & Julia (2009), The ...

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george bartenieff bio george bartenieff is a stage and film actor ...

george bartenieff bio george bartenieff is a stage and film actor ...
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