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Katie & Christine Talk About Vows: September 2016

Christine, normally these two would not be my jam (I made a rock pun. I mean, for heaven’s sake, they met working at a record store in Williamsburg called Earwax Records. I think it’s sort of adorable that after they met up many years after working together, he didn’t ask her out for a year but apparently thought about doing it the whole time he was in England. I also like that he told her he’d want to be “M-A-R-R-I-E-D” before she moved to England to be with him, although I’m not totally sure why. And then there’s this, my “favorite line”: “I feel so present with her,” he said. You already think the world’s in color, and then it’s really in color. You already think you’re a loving person, and then you feel like your heart doubles in size. If the world seemed full of possibility before, the horizon just moved farther away. I agree, normally, this whole thing would be so off-putting to me. Record store in early Williamsburg, early Etsy employee, choosing the Kinks in the inevitable “Beatles vs. Stones” showdown (note: The Kinks are good. They are not as good as either The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. Sorry, not sorry. And yet, like you, I basically loved these two. Since I live in Brooklyn now (sigh), do you think maybe I should start going to Black Mountain Winehouse in an effort to befriend Emily and Matthew when they’re in New York. The thing I want to discuss, briefly, with these two is Matthew’s band. Now, apparently, they had a MTV/radio hit in 1996 called “Popular. ) But it seems to me that calling the lead singer of Nada Surf a “rock star” is a little bit much. I’m something of a music fan, and the way I know Nada Surf is from their cover of “If You Leave” on The O. C. Which, for the record, is very good. Also, sometimes I get Nada Surf confused with Nerf Herder (who did the Buffy theme song) in my head. My favorite lines are the introductions of these two: “She was Emily Tidwell, a Mayflower descendant with a degree in fine arts and sculpture from Hampshire College, who had headed to bohemia in search of cheap studio space. He was Matthew Caws, a New Yorker with a jangly rock band, Nada Surf, who was navigating the vertiginous trajectory of fame. ” I love that in addition, their “shared joys” include cross-country skiing, music, and black Labradors. And this, which is just lovely: “On that bench by Lake Champlain, ‘I realized that I was having this indescribable feeling that I was falling in love,’ Dr. Beecham said. ‘I will never forget it, that ineffable feeling, if ineffable means being unable to. Source: thir(ty)teens

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  • Thomas Beecham

    Boydell & Brewer Ltd. 2016. ISBN: 9781843834021,1843834022. 388 pages.

    Drawing on significant new research, this life of one of Britain's most influential musicians corrects many of the myths surrounding the often controversial Thomas Beecham.


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