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Daniel Berrigan (1921-2016), a Jesuit priest and poet, was one of the preeminent Christian peacemakers of his time. After gaining notoriety in 1968 through his role, along with his brother Philip, in destroying Vietnam-era draft files as part of the Catonsville 9, he helped elevate the Christian conscience with regard to issues of war and violence. Resistance to the Vietnam War was followed by decades of protest against nuclear weapons, including his participation in the first "Plowshares" action, the symbolical disarming of nuclear warheads.

But Berrigan's efforts on behalf of life also involved care for the dying and ministry to those suffering from AIDS. Jim Forest, who worked with Berrigan in building the Catholic Peace Fellowship in the 1960s, draws on his deep friendship over five decades to provide the most comprehensive and intimate picture yet available of this modern-day prophet. Extensive photographs and quotations from Berrigan's writings complete the portrait.
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Through this selection from his many books, journals, poems, and homilies, a chronicle of Fr. Berrigan's life and work unfolds from the early steps in his vocation, to his decision to cross the line and go to prison, his ongoing witness for peace, and his extraordinary commentaries on scripture and the life of radical discipleship.

Daniel Berrigan S.J.

Fr. Daniel Berrigan S.J. - anti-war, social justice activist; poet and author.

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  • The Commonweal Catholic

    10/12/14 ,via Commonweal

    After all, so many of my literary and spiritual heroes wrote for it: Jacques Maritain and Thomas Merton, Daniel Berrigan and Michael Harrington, Wilfrid Sheed and Evelyn Waugh, Dorothy Day and G. K. Chesterton and many more. These were people serious 

  • My new book in production: 'Martin Sheen: Pilgrim on the Way'

    10/21/14 ,via Patheos (blog)

    “Through the sacraments, Mass, the rosary, the support of family, and numerous friends and peace and justice activists such as Daniel Berrigan, SJ, and the Catholic Worker Movement, Martin Sheen today sees himself as a man in the pew. He has been 


Photo: "I’d like to die with my boots on." -Daniel Berrigan 10/24/14, @KON_BOOGIE
"I'd like to die with my boots on." -Daniel Berrigan 10/24/14, @KON_BOOGIE
Lets celebrate are Elders why they are still here Daniel Berrigan Daniel Berrigan Daniel Berrigan 10/23/14, @peacecompassion



  • The Trial of the Catonsville Nine

    Oxford University Press. 2009. ISBN: 9780823223329,0823223329. 224 pages.

    On May 17, 1968, at the height of the Vietnam War, nine men and women entered a Selective Service office outside Baltimore. They removed military draft records, took them outside, and set them afire with napalm.The Catholic activists involved in this protest against the War included Daniel and Philip Berrigan; all were found guilt of destroying government property and sentenced to three years in jail. Dan Berrigan fled, and later turned himself in.The Berrigans and their colleagues went on to lives spent struggling against war, poverty, and injustice. And The Trial of the Catonsville Nine became a powerful expression of the conflicts between conscience and conduct, power and justice, law and morality. Drawing on court transcripts, Berrigan wrote a dramatic account of the trial and the issues it so vividly embodied. The result is a landmark work of art that been performed frequently over the past thirty five years, both as a piece of theater and a motion picture.This new edition includes Berrigan's original introduction, and additional materials by Robin Anderson and James Marsh that bring its ideas and themes up to date against the context of the war in Iraq."A wonderfully moving testament to nine consciences." - Clive Barnes, The New York Times"One who wants to know what an authentically Christian response to the questions of our time is like would be wise to listen to Father Berrigan." -The New York Review of Books

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  • Norfolk Rise win gold at Royal Adelaide Wine Show

    10/15/14 ,via

    They were also presented with the Arkaba Cellars Trophy for best Sauvignon Blanc in show - a great surprise for winemaker Dan Berrigan and the team. "We've won gold at the Melbourne Wine Show over the last few years and we've won silver at the New Zealand ...

  • Shift in US public discourse on ME

    09/29/14 ,via Arab News

    One of the panelists was Father Daniel Berrigan, then a nationally revered human rights champion and anti-war activist. In his presentation on the panel, Father Berrigan criticized Israel, ever so mildly, for its expropriation and colonization of ...

  • Philip Berrigan, peace campaigner has died

    He was 79. Berrigan had been suffering from liver and kidney cancer. Approximately thirty close friends and fellow peace activists gathered for the ceremony of last rites on November 30, officiated by his brother Daniel Berrigan SJ. Ordained a Catholic ...


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Daniel J. Berrigan, S.J. (born May 9, 1921), is an American Catholic priest, counterculture peace activist, and poet. Contents 1 Life and work 1.1 Protests against ...

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Daniel Berrigan. Writer: Sudjenje, The Trial of the Catonsville Nine, Der Prozess gegen die Neun von Catonsville, Der Prozeß gegen die neun von Catonsville. Actor ... Daniel Berrigan: Books, Biography, Blog ...

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Catholic priest and longtime anti-war activist; Co-founded the Plowshares movement; Communist apologist; See also: Philip Berrigan Catholic Worker Movement

Fr. Daniel Berrigan, S.J. Jesuit Arsonist

Fr. Daniel Berrigan, S.J. Jesuit Arsonist

Der Autor: Daniel Berrigan

Der Autor: Daniel Berrigan

Daniel Berrigan is the sort of priest who causes the lights of the ...

Daniel Berrigan is the sort of priest who causes the lights of the ...

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