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My Four Star Movie Series: Alien (1979)

(2003 director’s cut). Cast & Credits: Tom Skerritt (Dallas), Sigourney Weaver (Ripley), Veronica Cartwright (Lambert), Harry Dean Stanton (Kane), John Hurt (Kane), Ian Holm (Ash), Yaphet Kotto (Parker), Bolaji Badejo (Alien), Helen Morton (Mother). Screenplay by Dan O’Bannon based on a story by Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett. Seeing Alien (1979) again on the big screen is like seeing a new movie for the very first time. The re-released film has been labeled a director’s cut as Ridley Scott has gone back making slight changes to his original version just as did to his 1982 cut of Blade Runner years ago. Unless you’ve seen Alien over again on cable or video, however, chances are you’ll barely notice anything different. The DVD version came out a couple years ago and features a slew of deleted scenes which, had they been restored into the film, would have given Alien a running time of close to 150 minutes. This “director’s cut” at 117 minutes still falls barely under the two hour running time and is only a minute longer than the ‘79 version. When I saw first saw Alien back in 1980 on cable, I never considered it to be one of my favorite movies and to this day, the series is still my least favorite franchise. The only reason why Aliens (1986) worked was because Oscar winning director and screenwriter James Cameron was able to take the character and story of Lt. Ellen Ripley played and made famous by Sigourney Weaver into a different direction. Alien 3 (1997), although skillfully directed by first-timer David Fincher. who later went on to do more memorably darker, sinister films like Se7en (1995), proved despite what director Cameron did that there wasn’t much that could have been done in continuing Ripley’s story to begin with and brought the franchise to a... I mean how many stories can be done where Weaver’s "Rambolina" goes up against the salivating, slobbering life forms. What we got was the unnecessary Alien Resurrection (1997), which offered the same formulaic premise of woman battling beast and where the only new characteristic the aliens offered is their ability to swim underwater. Alien , though, renews just how original the idea really was. It’s a suspenseful cat-and-mouse monster movie that proves you don’t need to scare or shock someone with unlimited gore, like John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) often did. Source: Darth Stumpo Tells It Like It Is

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  • Meet Bolaji Badejo - The 7ft 2in Nigerian Actor Who Played The Alien In 1979's ...

    06/18/12 ,via Indie Wire (blog)

    And that's unfortunate, because, as I learned a few moments ago, the man inside the infamous Alien suit we've all come to love and fear, was 7ft 2in Nigerian actor Bolaji Badejo. Did you know that? I certainly didn't. Alien was Badejo's SOLE film

  • El hombre tras el disfraz de Alien

    04/07/15 ,via Hipertextual

    Tenía una elegancia delgada y esbelta, y su nombre era Bolaji”. Definitivamente, Alien fue encarnado por Bolaji Badejo, el cual era muy delgado y medía 2,18 metros (y no 213 centímetros como creía el director), cualidades perfectas para encarnar a su 


Photo: l-o-o-p-y: Bolaji Badejo was the Alien in ‘Alien (1979)’ Always over looked! 06/15/15, @BastAmor
RT @HeroesInColor00: The men behind the iconic #ScienceFiction creatures #Predator: Kevin Peter Hall and #Alien: Bolaji Badejo http://t.c… 06/15/15, @dmspra
Photo: davidmarquez: I have no idea It’s  Bolaji Badejo, 06/15/15, @80sRobot_


  • Bolaji Badejo

    Betascript Publishing. 2010. ISBN: 6133382724,9786133382725. 92 pages.

    High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Bolaji Badejo ist ein nigerianischer Choreograph. Als Design-Student wurde er aufgrund seiner ungewohnlichen Statur von Regisseur Ridley Scott in einer Bar angesprochen und fur den Film Alien - Das unheimliche Wesen aus einer fremden Welt als Darsteller des titelgebenden Ausserirdischen verpflichtet. Neben dem Stuntman Eddy Powel war der 2,18 Meter grosse Badejo der eigentliche Darsteller," der fur die Dreharbeiten im Kostum des Alienmonsters steckte und fur den nach den Entwurfen des Schweizer Kunstlers Hans Ruedi Giger zu Alien alle Latexabgusse in den Londoner Sheperton Studios hergestellt wurden. Badejo hatte spater nach dem ersten grossen Erfolg des Films 1979 in einem Interview gesagt, er habe sich bei den Dreharbeiten immer wieder mit dem Kopf in einer uberdimensionalen Banane steckend gefuh

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  • 15 Frightening Facts About Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’

    03/19/15 ,via Screen Crush

    To make the alien you see in the movie, producers cast Bolaji Badejo, a 7-foot tall graphic artist they found in a local pub. The xenomorph head was partly made with a human skull and a series of hinges and cables to operate the tongue. Just in the head ...

  • EXCLUSIVE: Alien’s Yaphet Kotto on playing Parker, passing up Star Wars, and Running Man’s silver jumpsuit.

    02/11/15 ,via

    That's why I was screaming so loud. Another Alien rumor claims you got into a real fight with Bolaji Badejo, the 7-foot Nigerian actor inside the creature suit. Any truth to that? Lemme get this straight right now. I am so tired of reading s*** about how I ...

  • Nigeria’s Bishop Badejo on a visit to the Republic of Benin affirms the roots of his people.

    12/31/14 ,via Vatican Radio

    Emmanuel Ade' Badejo. The Bishop arrived with his entourage comprising the Vicar General, Mgr. Emmanuel Bolaji Yakubu and two other priests namely, Frs. Paul Olawoore and Peter Akinola. The visit was on the occasion of 90th anniversary of the parish of St ...


Bolaji Badejo - IMDb

Bolaji Badejo (1953–1992). Actor: Alien. thanks: Edición Especial Coleccionista. archive_footage: Cinemassacre's Monster Madness, The Beast Within: The Making of ...

Alien (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Alien is a 1979 science-fiction horror film directed by Ridley Scott, and starring Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, John Hurt ...

Bolaji Badejo - Biography - IMDb

Bolaji Badejo was born on August 23, 1953 in Lagos, Nigeria. He was an actor, known for Alien (1979). He died on December 22, 1992 in Nigeria.

Bolaji Badejo - Xenopedia - The Alien vs. Predator Wiki

‎Bolaji Badejo (August 23, 1953 – December 22, 1992) was a Nigerian design student who portrayed the eponymous Alien in the 1979 film Alien. Alien was Badejo's ...

Interview with Bolaji Badejo, 1979

Interview with Bolaji Badejo, 1979

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Bolaji Badejo |
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