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Wilson Bickford Signature Series - Superior Brush and Tool Set

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Wilson Bickford Signature Series - Superior Brush and Tool Set by Wilson Bickford

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Wilson bickford complete brushand tool set
The Worm and the Bird


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The Worm and the Bird
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From the award-winning illustrator and author of The Fox and the Star, Coralie Bickford-Smith, a beautifully illustrated tale about a Worm, a Bird, and the importance of being present and appreciating what you have, where you are.

Digging through the ground day in and day out, Worm dreams of a better life. Despite having endless paths of dirt to plough, other burrowing creatures to befriend, and underground treasures to discover, Worm wants more—more space to be alone. Too busy to see the world around it, pushing everything aside, Worm learns a hard lesson in appreciating what you have and where you are. 

This beautifully illustrated tale by award-winning author and illustrator Coralie Bickford-Smith explores themes of hope, curiosity, and the circle of life. Taking inspiration from Seneca’s essay “On the Shortness of Life,” which reads “But life is very short and anxious for those who forget the past, neglect the present and fear the future,” and drawing from the simple wisdom of the natural world, Bickford-Smith reminds readers about the importance of slowing down and engaging in the life around us.

Printed in Italy, with a foil-stamped cloth cover, sewn binding, metallic inks, and high-quality paper, Bickford-Smith's new illustrated book is for readers of all ages of fables and fairy tales, from gardeners to bird-watchers to design lovers, and for those seeking mindfulness.
—and it will be a great companion volume to her first book, The Fox and the Star, named Waterstones Book of the Year in 2015.


12 days to go......

My porch temp at oh dark thirty said 51F and I don't think the temp got much higher than this today. Tonight the forecast says it is going to dip down into the high 40's. Hello. It looks like it is going to be me, my wife, and the girls doing the moving of the table up 3 flights of stairs. That will be happening on the 13th and I am feeling good about the time left to do it. I have to allow 48 hours before you can use the table so the last coat of finish will be put on no later than the 9th. I think 3-4 coats should be enough so I... They aren't the same size so I know that one has to be a #9. I have half of the sizes that Matt Bickford says is a good quarter set to start with. Something else to put on the 'A' list to get some practice on. On this run I did two things wrong. The first was I didn't keep the spring line vertical and it's almost impossible to get the profile back on track once that goes OTL. The second thing I screwed up was I didn't register the notch in the same spot. This is worse than not keeping the spring line vertical. I am going to have to find some pallet wood that is thick enough to practice on. I don't have a supply of thick scrap poplar to use. I was thinking of using this on the inside of the frame and a bevel or a round over on the outside edge. I really would like to get one of my planes in my collection to make a profile I could use. I have a few more to go through so I'll to dig through my scrap pile for some more practice pieces. I steel wooled the table top before I put on the 50/50 urethane. I vacuumed the table off twice and wiped it down with a rag. I made double triple sure that I didn't have any little pieces of steel wool anywhere on the table with a magnet. I could have skipped the steel wool but I used a cheap brush to apply the seal coat. Steel wool smoothed the surface and also removed any stray brush hairs. I may let this first coat set up for a couple of days. It is going to be cold tonight and with cooler weather these oil varnishes need extra time to set up. I use sandpaper as my tester. If it makes dust, I'll put on the second coat. If the sandpaper gums up, it'll need more time to set. Source: Accidental Woodworker

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    06/01/15 ,via New Jersey Hills

    The “Golden Age” of robust, Broadway musicals will resound at the Bickford Theatre at 3 p.m. Sunday, June 7, at the Morris Museum's Bickford Theatre, 6 Normandy Heights Road, Morristown. The BRAVO Alliance of Performing Artists will make the 

  • Ward W. Bickford (1934-2015)

    CEDAR FALLS -- Ward W. Bickford, 81, of Cedar Falls, died Saturday, May 23, at Western Home Communities, from complications of Alzheimer's disease. He was born Feb. 17, 1934, in Rockwell City, son of Oscar and Anna Healy Bickford. He married Phyllis 


Not about this weather 06/02/15, @amelia_bickford
Again. Who is Megan Bickford????? 06/02/15, @tberger898
@NLBallHockey @bartletteddie Your mmbhl under 15 lists are missing players such as Caleb Yetman, Clay Mclean and Brent Bickford 06/02/15, @Big_C8787



  • Ethnic Pride and Racial Prejudice in Victorian Cape Town

    Cambridge University Press. 2003. ISBN: 0521526396,9780521526395. 312 pages.

    An original contribution to South African urban history, focusing on the English merchant class.

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  • Drugs and elite sport don’t mix, warns judge

    06/02/15 ,via Sunshine Coast Daily

    A RUGBY league player has been given a stern reminder by a judge that drugs and elite sport do not mix. Jeffrey David Bickford was before the Maroochydore District Court yesterday for breaching his suspended sentence for an earlier offence which ...

  • Woman Identified in Fatal Wilmington Accident

    06/02/15 ,via TIME WARNER CABLE NEWS

    WILMINGTON – The woman killed last week in an accident on Antoinette Drive was identified Monday as 23-year-old Brandy Jean Bickford. The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office says Bickford ran off the side of the road around 6 p.m. Wednesday. She crossed ...

  • Troopers ID victim in fatal Antoinette Drive car crash

    06/01/15 ,via Star News Online

    NEW HANOVER COUNTY | The victim of a fatal wreck on Antoinette Drive last week was identified Monday as Brandy Jean Bickford. Bickford, 23, of Wilmington was killed in the 6:01 p.m. Thursday single-vehicle rollover near Normandy Drive. According to the N.C ...


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