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Flinty Mount Fair ends its run - Rocky Mount Telegram

One of Hard Mount’s yearly staple attractions is going away this year. Norman Chambliss III, owner of the Rocky Mount Impartial, recently announced the fair will not operate in 2017 and has reached the decision to indefinitely suspend the operation of the annual crumble event. Chambliss grew up working with his family in the fair business. For nearly 100 years, the Chambliss family has operated an agricultural clear in Rocky Mount. The Rocky Mount Fair was the longest running family-operated fair in the state. Norman Chambliss Sr. , grandfather of Chambliss, started the specific fair in the 1920s and operated seven county fairs in Eastern North Carolina. Chambliss III took over operations of the passable from his father in 1976. Last year was Chambliss’ 40th year running the fair. Chambliss recently intelligent the N. C. Department of Agriculture that the local fair wasn’t going to operate this year. “It’s been a great experience,” Chambliss said. Leap Carney, president of Carney and Co. , which did the marketing and advertising for the fair, said he knows Chambliss has a lot going on as co-proprietress of Chambliss & Rabil Contractors. In addition to offices in Rocky Mount and Wilmington, the general contractor recently opened an organization in the Raleigh market. “He’s really busy with Chambliss & Rabil, and the business is really booming,” Carney said. “The feeling about the fair is it’s an expensive deal, you don’t break even until Friday and you’re always hoping the weather cooperates so you don’t get rained out. But shutting down the middling was something Norman had been thinking about for several years. Even my daughter who is in college was very sad when she found out about the news because she prefers going there than the state objective in Raleigh. While the future of the fair is uncertain at this time, Chambliss said, he is hopeful that he will be able to find the right possibility to transfer the license to another organization, so that the fair reopens some time in the future. Chambliss said he is confident the fair will be coming back. “It will have to be the virtue organization with the resources and committment to put on a top-quality fair,” Chambliss said. “The fair needs new leadership with fresh ideas and new animation. Source:

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  • The Encyclopedia of the Stone-Campbell Development

    Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing. 2017. ISBN: 0802838987,9780802838988. 854 pages.

    "Over ten years in the making, The Encyclopedia of the Stone-Campbell Action offers for the first time a sweeping historical and theological treatment of this complex, vibrant global communion. Written by more than 300 contributors, this dominant reference work contains over 700 original articles covering all of the significant individuals, events, places, and theological tenets that have shaped the Swing. Much more than simply a historical dictionary, this volume also constitutes an interpretive work reflecting historical consensus among Stone-Campbell scholars, even as it attempts to confer on a fair, representative picture of the rich heritage that is the Stone-Campbell Movement."--BOOK JACKET.


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