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Knowing what you know now of writing, publishing, and putting your art out into the world, if you could go back to the day you sat down to start typing in your very first manuscript, what words would you offer to yourself? Words of encouragement? Words of advice? Caution against certain pitfalls? Would you change anything about how you got to where you are today?

The publishing community is so much bigger than it was before the self-publishing boom and it continues to grow exponentially every day. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a handbook or support group. #AmWriting is a collection of letters written by authors from all different corners of the publishing community. The letters provide words of encouragement or advice to those just starting out or those who have become discouraged in their art. At Pure Textuality PR, we believe in supporting each other as a community, and we felt this project would be a good way to bring writers together and maybe give some new artists just the right nudge to keep going.

100% of the net proceeds of #AmWriting will be donated to The Wayne Foundation, a charity dedicated to offering aid and services to young women victimized by illegal sexual exploitation and the sexual trafficking of minors. For more information about The Wayne Foundation, you can visit them on the web at

#AmWriting features letters from more than 70 authors, including Jeaniene Frost, T.J. Michaels, Kendall Grey, and many more!

A.D. Ellis, Addison Kline, Allyson Lindt, Amber Lynn Natusch, Amy Joy Lutchen, Andrew Jericho, Ashlynne Laynne, Becky Flade, Beth Dolgner, Brandy Dorsch, Brenda J. Pierson, C.L. Foster, C.L. Matthews, Cassia Brightmore, Cecilia London, Cherron Riser, Cithara Patra, Courtney Houston, Crystal Dawn, Dulaney-Glen, E.J. Stevens, Elizabeth Sharp, Ella Col, Emersyn Vallis, Emily Cyr, Emma, Emma Nichols, Erin Hayes, Erynn Crittenden, Felicia Starr, Gabbie S. Duran, Geri Glenn, Harlie Williams, J. Nichole Parkins, J.B. McGee, J.M. Gregoire, Jamie Summer, Jeaniene Frost, Jess Haines, Jessica Cage, Jody Pardo, K.c. Stewart, Karina Espinosa, Kasey Belle, Katie Kenyhercz, Katie Lewington, Kendall Grey, Kory M. Shrum, Kristina Borden, L.A. Cotton, L.E. Chamberlin, L.U. Ann, Leanna Renee Hieber, Lexi Ostrow, Leyla Kader Dahm, Louisa Lo, M. Never, M.L. Steinbrunn, Mary Crawford, Michelle Mcloughney, Mike Gonzales, Misha Carver, Misha Elliott, Muriel Garcia, Nicole L. Daffurn, Nicole Zoltack, Nikki Rae, Pamela K. Kinney, R.A Mizer, Rachel Walter, Rebecca Sherwin, Renee Dyer, Sara Dobie Bauer, Scarlett Metal, Serena Kearney, Shakuita Johnson, Shannon Bell, Susan Schwartz, T.J. Michaels, T.L. Manning, Taylor Lavati, Tracie Podger, and Xandra James

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    Kessinger Publishing. 2003. ISBN: 0766176711,9780766176713. 588 pages.

    The following loudness on the ancient methods of religious healing and the pagan healing gods is presented as an introductory historical study. The author has selected for go into several of those great civilizations that preceded and overlapped the Christian era, from the birth of history to the time when paganism was suppressed by the edict of Emperor Theodosius. Contents: Healing Gods of: Antiquated Egypt; Babylonia and Assyria; Pagan Semites; Ancient India; Ancient Iran; Ancient Greece; Ancient Rome; Bygone Celts.


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