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IBDB entry for this production VG or better condition. Defects not visible in scan[s] are described. Title page 2nd scan.
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From Bottomless pit It Came (Blu-ray) - DVD Talk

Those insisting Blu-ray is its demise throes were likely taken aback with news of a sparkling Blu-ray edition of From Hell It Came (1957), a cheap sci-fi thriller featuring Tabanga, a walking, scowling tree demon and a contender for the Most... (director Dan and producer, editor, and co-writer Jack) for release through Allied Artists, From Upbraiding It Came isn't in the same class of delirious hilarity as Ed Wood's Bride of the Monster and Plan 9 from Outer Space , or Phil Tucker's Puppet... Those movies are appealing in no small part because their creators were really trying to make something entertaining, even unmatched, but naively unaware how audience might respond to their ill-fated efforts. The makers of From Hell It Came , conversely, obviously didn't give a mind what audiences thought, and it shows. Except for its flamboyantly silly monster and peculiar-contradictory concepts about it, the movie has nothing whatsoever to suggest it. I can't think of a movie in any genre in which the two male leads, here played by Tod Andrews and John... But Tabanga and the loopy ideas abutting its origins, anatomy, and the movie's Trump-like disregard for basic science are so far out as to almost delight outré audiences. And the change is excellent, allowing viewers to get a good look at the rubbery tree-man in all its glory. The story is a nonsensical jumble of voodoo curses and Noachian legends, radiation and reincarnation, and a tree monster that defies the laws of both the animal and plant kingdoms. On a remote Pacific atoll downwind from current atomic bomb tests, native prince Kimo (Gregg Palmer) is wrongly condemned to death by taint usurper Chief Maranka (Baynes Barron), witch doctor Tano (Robert Swan), and Kimo's two-timing woman Kory... In another ritual, Kimo is buried upright in a coffin made of tree bark. The natives aren't getting along with the Caucasoid scientists who, nearby, are studying the effects of radioactive fallout, which Professor Clark (John McNamara) and Dr. Arnold (Tod Andrews) send away as minimal, even though some natives have radiation... Their endless small talk is finally interrupted by the arrival of dedicated female scientist Dr. Terry Mason (Tina Carver), Account's old colleague. Eventually a radioactive tree stump appears to be growing from Kimo's gravesite. Source:

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  • Theory: Government was worse than Black and Tans

    05/08/17 ,via Southern Star Newspaper

    In all, according to Tod Andrews, 153 people kill victim to extrajudicial killings committed by government forces from June 1922 to August 1923 and to which MacNeill voiced no flak. Add to that the depredations of the National Army (Ballyseedy

  • From Tartarus It Came (Blu-ray)

    05/01/17 ,via DVD Talk

    I can't recollect of a movie in any genre in which the two male leads, here played by Tod Andrews and John McNamara, give such uncaring, disconnected performances. A frustrated would-be actor slumming teaching an mature education course in drama would 


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    baby carrot, mushroom, tomato paste, black pepper, garlic, green pepper, jalapeno, onions, tomato, tomato, beans, quinoa, red pepper, cocoa powder, basil, chili powder, cumin, olive oil, oregano, paprika, cayenne, cinnamon, mustard powder, water

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  • Tod Man (Thai Fish Cake)

    fish, salt, curry paste, eggs, fish sauce, basil, vegetable oil, cucumber, shallot, chilies, sugar, vinegar, salt, water


  • Tod Andrews as The Gray Ghost

    2017. 32 pages.


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