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“Stupid Dolls Of Flesh And Blood”… Sergio Martino’s TORSO Reviewed

Faced with the problem of replacing talismanic female lead Edwige Fenech (who was probably knocking out a sexy comedy or two at the time) for 1973’s I Corpi Presentano Tracce Di Violenza Carnale (“The Corpses Show Traces Of Carnal Violence”),... Distributed, retitled (as “Torso”) and marginally recut by Joseph Brenner for the American grindhouse circuit, the film’s pared down focus on psychosexual violence twitched the death nerves of American film goers who were about to embrace Tobe... Much has been made of the connection between gialli and the subsequent American slasher cycle… by reducing things to a simple-minded body count mechanism and concentrating on predominantly attractive, sexually active female victims, Torso probably... After a kinky photo shoot involving doll mutilation (. ) has played out under the titles, we are introduced to Kendall’s character Jane. She’s studying Renaissance Art at Perugia University, whose student body for the Academic Year 1973-4 seems to consist exclusively of refugees from America’s Next Top Model. Cristina / Conchita Airoldi (as Carol) is offed in even more memorable style than she was in Martino’s The Strange Vice Of Mrs Wardh (1971). After a pot-fuelled heavy petting session with two hippies turns sour (as is so often the case), she... You couldn’t have a clearer template for the stalk’n’slash cycles “have sex and die. Brenner astutely recognised the significance of this death scene, bumping it up in the running order so it plays under the film’s titles, to the accompaniment of a howling fuzz guitar riff (imported from Bruno Nicolai’s score for the Leon... Martino manages a little in-joke by. Source: houseoffreudstein

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  • Mad love in New York

    06/25/16 ,via

    Avec sa mine angélique et son grand sourire triste, Kitty Winn rejoint la galaxie des Laurie Bird (Macadam à deux voies), des Kay Lenz (Breezy), des Jane Asher (Deep end) ou même des Tina Aumont. Dans Panique à Needle Park, elle est tout simplement 

  • Wine & Food Festival boasts famous chefs, local farm fare

    04/03/16 ,via New Jersey Herald

    Tina Uva, of Vernon, and Nancy McMahon, of New City, came out for a ladies' day specifically for the Chef and Farmer Culinary Showcase, but chose to walk around and see what else was happening the rest of the day. "We are having a good time and the 


RT @JacqValencia: Saw L'URLO aka THE HOWL by Tinto Brass (1968) and now I'm in love with Tina Aumont. SHE'S MINE NO SHARING.… 07/07/16, @LaurafromLNDN
holy hell i just saw someone steal my OWN GIF i once made of tina aumont and re-upload it from THEIR BLOG im so MAD what kind of lil cunt 07/05/16, @groovygroupies
DEGENERATES SATYRICON one sheet movie poster 27x41 not FELLINI 1969 TINA AUMONT 07/04/16, @bidsuperreview



  • Film Fatales

    McFarland. 2002. ISBN: 0786411945,9780786411948. 352 pages.

    Sean Connery began the sixties spy movie boom playing James Bond in Dr. No and From Russia with Love. Their success inspired every studio in Hollywood and Europe to release everything from serious knockoffs to spoofs on the genre featuring debonair men, futuristic gadgets, exotic locales, and some of the world's most beautiful actresses whose roles ranged from the innocent caught up in a nefarious plot to the femme fatale. Profiled herein are 107 dazzling women, well-known and unknown, who had film and television appearances in the spy genre. They include superstars Doris Day in Caprice, Raquel Welch in Fathom, and Ann-Margret in Murderer's Row; international sex symbols Ursula Andress in Dr. No and Casino Royale, Elke Sommer in Deadlier Than the Male, and Senta Berger in The Spy with My Face; and forgotten lovelies Greta Chi in Fathom, Alizia Gur in From Russia with Love, and Maggie Thrett in Out of Sight. Each profile includes a filmography that lists the actresses' more notable films. Some include the actresses' candid comments and anecdotes about their films and television shows, the people they worked with, and their feelings about acting in the spy genre are offered throughout. A list of websites that provide further information on women in spy films and television is also included.

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  • The Game Is Over (1966)

    06/22/16 ,via

    Renee Saccard is a pampered, selfish young wife of a middle-aged Parisian businessman who falls in love with her stepson but is driven to the point of madness when her husband tricks the ... See full summary »

  • Explore En Bici, Girl Bike, and more!

    08/25/15 ,via

    Tina Aumont with Alessandro Momo from Malizia (1973) Probably not the best way to mount your bike in mixed company Tina Aumont with Alessandro Momo from Malizia (1973) Probably not the best way to mount your bike in mixed company. There were a group of ...

  • Fellini's Casanova Blu-ray

    06/16/15 ,via Blu-ray

    British distributors MrBongo Films have revealed that they are planning to release on Blu-ray Fellini's Casanova (1976), starring Donald Sutherland, Tina Aumont, and Cicely Browne. The release will be available for purchase on September 7. Federico Fellini ...


Tina Aumont - IMDb

Tina Aumont, Actress: Il Casanova di Federico Fellini. Tina Aumont was born on February 14, 1946 in Hollywood, California, USA as Maria Christina Aumont. She was an ...

Tina Aumont

Tina had incredible deep eyes. This post is just for admiring how deep and unique they were, along with her lovely doll face and her dark hair.

Tina Aumont - Biography - IMDb

Tina Aumont was born on February 14, 1946 in Hollywood, California, USA as Maria Christina Aumont. She was an actress, known for Fellini's Casanova (...

Tina Aumont tribute -

Tina Aumont tribute. 506 likes · 2 talking about this. Tina Aumont was a very beautiful and successful actress in the 60s and 70s. Born in Hollywood in...

Tina Aumont - Bilder, News, Infos aus dem Web

Tina Aumont - Bilder, News, Infos aus dem Web

How I met Tina Aumont—a mythic actress and an anti-diva

How I met Tina Aumont—a mythic actress and an anti-diva

Tina Aumont, 1968

Tina Aumont, 1968

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