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Deep in the wasteland that is south-west Afghanistan, something is stirring. A small team of dark-clad figures have located an industrial plant that is definitely not what it should be. They have no time to establish exactly what they have discovered, for there is a ferocious and immediate reaction by those guarding the plant. One team member is killed, while the leader is wounded. He orders the others to withdraw, whilst giving them time and space to do so. Unwilling to leave him, they are forced to obey his orders. Because of his sacrifice, they all survive. The man is listed and missing, believed killed in action.
Several months later, in a sleepy town in the Midlands of England, a police officer’s dreary and damp night shift is enlivened by the sudden appearance of a beautiful young woman dressed in male clothes as she staggers onto the road in front of him, and collapses into unconsciousness.
The girl awakes a short time later in hospital, with no memory of anything before waking up.
As the girl starts each day with an entirely blank memory, she has no idea that she could be connected to that incident that took place half a world away and several months previously.
One memory slips through – that of a popular female singer that seems to have been a friend. However, just as she remembers that, she sees on the TV news the murder of that same woman, in suspicious circumstances. Can she be involved? Is she the killer?
Will she ever get her memory back?
The policeman who found her joked that she was like the ship that was found adrift with no crew –The Marie Celeste – all appears normal, but completely empty. Taking the name of Marie, she begins the task of building a new life.
Just as she does, her old life starts to interfere - in the shape of mysterious men who appear to be following her.
Will she ever fill in the blanks; or will they get to her first?
Marie reacts instinctively, only to discover that her instincts display skills that are definitely not the normal skills that nice girls possess.
Just who and what was she?
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Is there life out there?
What with Roswell, Area 51 and reports from pilots, astronauts, police officers and thousands of ordinary people, the answer might just be – maybe.
For Corporal Jan Fintry of the Ghartian infantry serving in the front line against the Larillion army, he neither knows nor cares about the possibility of little green (or any other colour) beings in flying saucers, cups or even plates!
As he stared out across the icy waste that was the no-man’s-land between the entrenched positions of both armies, it would be fair to say that very few men on the planet Thurion had ever considered the question.
He, and all his comrades would have been surprised to ascertain that their presence on this icy planet was not an accident of genetics, or evolution, or even of creation, but a deliberate act by ancient academics of an advanced race conducting an experiment. Jan and all his predecessors were the descendants of a small group of humans taken from Earth at the time of the Great Ice Age, many millennia ago.
Those responsible for the act had long since died, but their descendants had problems of their own, and the discovery of Thurion and the embattled occupants posed a potential answer to their own peculiar problem.
Their problem was that their race was dying. It was not dying from disease or war, but of complacency and boredom. They had long since removed the need to procreate by physical contact, so genders were a thing of the past. They had lost war, competition, and aggression. They had achieved a level of knowledge, science, technology and medicine that Humans might simply gasp in wonder. Their mental powers knew few bounds, and yet they were dying.
They were so comfortable that they had lost all drive to do anything but simply exist. The few that cared enough to do something realised that a catalyst was urgently needed to give them back what they’d lost.
That catalyst needed to be tested – where better than on Thurion.
Thurion – a planet with only one inhabited continent with a population sharing a common language and lineage, but had polarised into two factions that had been embroiled in a state of war that had been lasting two centuries and showed no sign of abating. Their culture was equally stagnant as their own, but for entirely different factors. A society that revered women, and yet refused them any form of equality with men in the management of daily life, except for the more mundane home matters. A planet that was only now coming out of the ice age and yet socially was
The catalyst – a highly intelligent and technically brilliant engineer called Douglas Wright – a human male who is past is sell-by date. Diagnosed as suffering from the latter stages of terminal cancer, Douglas sits by a pond near his home and weeps for a life lost. Briefly he meets an attractive young woman who hands him an envelope and promptly disappears.
Realising that for a man of Douglas’ skills and experience, on Thurion he would soon become like a one-eyed man in the Kingdom of the Blind – a king. This would not address their own problem. They reasoned that the catalyst needed a challenge to be truly tested and put under pressure.
Moments later, the man called Douglas died and a young woman with no memory awakened – stark naked in a snow drift in no-man’s land’ - in the sights of Corporal Jan Fintry’s rifle – a very long way away from planet Earth.
The Catalyst had arrived.

Chapter One – Capricorn One (point 1)

For the sake of this part of the story we shall call “our protagonist” or #OurPro for short. She was the muse for the masses. Among those amused masses was the infamous energy artist Source: shanespeare

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  • Adult Attachment and Romantic Jealousy

    1998. 168 pages.

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Tanya Allen, Actress: Silent Hill. Tanya Allen was born in Toronto in 1975. She developed a love of acting young and at fifteen attended the prestigious American ...

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