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The Tracey Fragments Placard Movie UK 11 x 17 Inches - 28cm x 44cm Ellen Page Libby Adams Shawn Ahmed
The Tracey Fragments Placard Movie UK 11 x 17 Inches - 28cm x 44cm Ellen Page Libby Adams Shawn Ahmed by Pop Culture Graphics

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  • 11 x 17 Inches - 28cm x 44cm

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The Tracey Fragments Reproduction Poster Print UK Style A 11 x 17 Inches - 28cm x 44cm

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This book examines the proliferation of policy making concerning the recognition and protection of same-sex relationships in the countries of North and South America, adding to the knowledge of developments in the United States and Canada, but, mostly notable, exploring more recent developments in Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. While much work has been done on developments in Europe and upper North America, this book attempts to broaden the understanding of relationship equality policy proliferation around the world and to add new insights regarding the policies of sexuality in different national contexts. The book discusses the several factors that have constrained and facilitated policymaking in this area including legal systems, public opinion, political culture, and, more particularly, the role of religion as a key obstacle in the recognition of rights for same-sex couples. The chapters also explore the role of institutional mechanisms, political parties, NGOs, IGOs, and international norms as significant factors for policy adoption This book explores policy innovation for same-sex couples throughout the Americas and includes same-sex marriage legislation, civil unions, and other new developments for same-sex couples throughout the Americas at both national and sub-national levels. This scholarship is innovative because though much has been written regarding developments in North America, there is very little work dealing with recent developments in the rest of the Americas.

KNOWN WOLF: NYC Bombing Suspect Probed by FBI, Leading to Big Questions

You have to wonder, were the events in New York and New Jersey also a weapon of mass distraction , following a major international embarrassment for the United States both at home and abroad – the brutal airstrike campaign in Syria that killed... This unlikely bombing incident just happened to also coincide with the UN General Assembly in NYC, where President Obama was delivering among other speeches, his “War on Terror” addresses to the international community. No surprise then, with the city suddenly on ‘high terror alert’ – that Obama quickly and confidently and comfortably used his center stage spotlight at the UN, shifting into ‘national security’ mode – boasting how quickly his police forces solved... The alleged NYC bombing suspect was named as 28 year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami , who managed the family Chicken Kebab Shop. He has been charged with using ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in addition to other criminal charges. Similar to what was described in the apparent Boston Marathon Bombing of 2013 , Rahami is alleged to have created a homemade pressure cooker bomb which exploded in Chelsea, an affluent neighborhood of Manhattan. ’ – Ahmad Khan Rahami was known to both US officials and Pakistani officials (Image Source: BBC ). NYC’s ‘Known Wolf’. After the mainstream media and officials floated the idea that a ‘Wireless Emergency Alert’ system helped to locate and find Rahami with an “electronic wanted poster,” it turns out the FBI alread y knew him. According to The Washington Post , the FBI had already known Rahami since 2014, making this latest ‘known wolf’ attack a strongly suspicious event:. “The FBI’s probe into Ahmad Khan Rahami, the 28-year-old named as the only suspect in the bombings, was launched based on comments his father had made. But why then, was Rahami on the radar of Pakistani intelligence in recent years. During the San Bernardino caper last December , we were told that supposedly Pakistani-born Tashfeen Malik , had ties to The Red Mosque in Pakistan, a well-known Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) linked mosque :. “Sources have told Daily Mail... Source: 21st Century Wire

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  • As An Openly Gay Muslim, I'm Terrified Of The Muslim Community

    07/14/16 ,via Huffington Post

    On June 12, a Muslim man named Omar Mateen shot and killed 49 people and injured 53 others in an LGBTQ nightclub in Orlando, Florida. From Toronto, there was not much I could do except condemn the shooter. But what was meant to be a simple gesture 

  • Gay and Muslim: Can Orlando tragedy lead to acceptance, tolerance?

    06/13/16 ,via PRI

    "I would try and pray the gay away, I would try to fast, as if it was some sort of impurity in me," Ahmed explains. He was determined not to cause his parents "pain and dishonor." But as time went on, Ahmed realized that in trying to spare his parents


RT @Ifeagwu: @UHouston F that let T-Shawn perform @ homecoming. UH student verified on Spotify W/ over 36k monthly listeners, & 100K+ plays… 09/28/16, @Meryem_Ahmed
#injusticesystem Shawn Ahmed (@uncultured) called out his abuser; now needs help w legal fees! #SocialJusticeOClock 09/28/16, @SJWOnTime
#injusticesystem Shawn Ahmed (@uncultured) called out his abuser; now needs help w legal fees! #SocialJusticeOClock 09/25/16, @SJWOnTime


  • Crab Corn Pudding

    butter, corn, eggs, flour, green onion, half and half, nutmeg, parmesan cheese, salt, sugar, white pepper


  • Financial Management

    2016. 6 pages.


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