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Confessions of A Pop Trouper (1975) - DVD


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Confessions of A Pop Trouper (1975) - DVD
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Timothy Lea (Robin Askwith, Confessions of a Window Cleaner) is back with another series of erotic hijinks and wacky comedy. This time, Timothy lands a new gig as the drummer in a pop band. As the band works its way up the charts, Timothy finds himself surrounded by lovely ladies wanting to know the drummer better. Will Timothy finally find success, or will it all go down the tubes? Newly remastered.

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Confessions of a Driving Instructor (1976) ~ Robin Askwith

It's a cover-up

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  • Where are they now? Bless This House's Robin Stewart

    01/24/15 ,via

    “Robin Askwith played Mike in the spin-off film because I was already booked for summer season on Bournemouth Pier, where I met Bertie, a model who later became my wife. “I remember Sid saying to Diana Coupland [Jean Abbott] that we would be making 

  • Seventies movie star Robin Askwith to join the cast of Coronation Street as ...

    11/29/13 ,via

    The actor - who is famous for his role in the Confessions Of movies - has already started filming for his guest role, which will see him play veteran rocker Ritchie in the soap. The 63-year-old was spotted on the cobbled streets earlier this week in a


@Glinner @OwensDamien This lad would love Robin Askwith's Bottle Boys. 02/09/15, @barneyfarmer
RT @darklonelywater: Robin Askwith in fine form at the Cinema Museum. Great anecdotes and delivery that would shame many stand-ups. http:/… 02/09/15, @RonnieAnchor
Can't wait to see the film adaptation of the book though. Think it's going to take Robin Askwith's career in a totally different direction. 02/09/15, @dipurple



  • The Confessions Of Robin Askwith

    Random House. 2012. ISBN: 9781448118687,1448118689. 272 pages.

    Of all the actors and personalities thrown up by that strangest of periods. The 1970s, surely Robin Askwith was one of the most 'of his time'? As star of the infamous CONFESSIONS films, as well as over 25 other movies, Askwith was huge. His cheeky, innocent face, his Mick Jagger lips and more often than not his bare arse -- he, possibly more than anyone else sums up a bygone era remembered fondly by millions. Today, Askwith is a cult figure. The CONFESSIONS films are still regular staples on British TV and around the world, especially in the Commonwealth countries. They are just as funny as they ever were -- classic camp British humour in the same language as the Carry On films. In this brilliant autobiography, the self-deprecating Askwith cuts straight to the chase, starting in the `70s as he auditions for CONFESSIONS OF A WINDOW CLEANER, moving on to CONFESSIONS OF A POP STAR and DRIVING INSTRUCTOR. His career was truly amazing and varied beyond belief. From IF. . . to NICHOLAS AND ALEXANDEF From CONFESSIONS to Zefferelli`s BROTHER SUN, SISTER MOON and Pasolini CANTERBURY TALES. He was also great friends with the late Lindsay Anderson. In the end, Robin is most famous for his sex comedies and isn't embarrassed about it one jot. It`s a rollicking ride. Hold On Tight!

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  • Confessions of a Driving Instructor

    12/19/14 ,via MTV

    Based on an autobiographical novel by Timothy Lea, the film stars Robin Askwith as a feckless driving ... gets mixed up with Lea and his reckless charges. Chronologically, Confessions of a Driving Instructor was wedged between Confessions of a Window ...

  • Confessions of a Window Cleaner

    12/19/14 ,via MTV

    Many fans consider the first entry, Confessions of a Window Cleaner, to be the best of the batch. Based on a supposedly autobiographical novel by Timothy Lea, the film stars Robin Askwith as an apprentice window washer with a voyeuristic streak.

  • An Audience with Robin Askwith

    11/10/14 ,via Whats on Stage

    A raucous evening of stories about the career of one of Britain's best loved comedy legends of the 70s Robin Askwith as told by the man himself. From smoking dope with Jimi Hendrix & experiencing the real Withnail and I to rolling around with Charlotte ...


Robin Askwith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Robin Askwith (born Gerald Askwiths, 12 October 1950) is an English film actor, most famous for his role as Timmy Lea in the Confessions... sex comedies series.

Robin Askwith - IMDb

Robin Askwith, Actor: U-571. Robin Askwith was born on October 12, 1950 in Southport, Lancashire, England. He is an actor and writer, known for U-571 (2000), Computer ...

Robin Askwith - Biography - IMDb

Robin Askwith was born on October 12, 1950 in Southport, Lancashire, England. He is an actor and writer, known for U-571 (2000), Computer Killers (...

Robin Askwith - Corriepedia - Coronation Street, UK soap opera

Robin Askwith was born 12th October, 1950 in Southport. He overcame a bout of polio as a child and attended the Merchants Taylor School in Rickmansworth from which he ...

... ware image courtesy gettyimages com names robin askwith robin askwith

... ware image courtesy gettyimages com names robin askwith robin askwith
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Robin Askwith joins Coronation Street Robin Askwith the cheeky chappy ...

Robin Askwith joins Coronation Street Robin Askwith the cheeky chappy ...

Robin Askwith

Robin Askwith
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