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KewlBites(TM): 100 Beneficial, Delicious, and Family-Friendly Dishes by Brand: Rodale Books
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As a busy teen star, Reed Alexander's life is a balancing act. Several years ago, as he juggled career commitments and school, he lost sight of how to eat right, became overweight, and as a result, was exhausted and lethargic. Too tired to keep up with his hectic schedule, he decided to reclaim his health by changing his diet. A can-do guy, his first step was to learn how to cook for himself. Unable to find any recipes suited to a teenager's tastes, he rolled up his sleeves and set to work in his kitchen, developing healthy versions of the foods he loves. Along the way, he became a dedicated cook, sharing his culinary discoveries with his fans and friends on his Web site,

Since then, Alexander has gained a cultlike following of both teen cooks and their parents. Inspired by the number of lives he has touched, Alexander has created 100 slimmed down, kid-tested, mother-approved alternatives for the foods teens love. In KewlBites(TM), Reed Alexaner improves the health profile of such standard teen fare as sliders, chips, chicken fingers, tacos and fries, and he aims to expand the dinner menu to include such dishes as a Margherita Frittata, Oriental Chop Slaw, and Kewl and Breezy Shrimp Rolls. Throughout, he shares the tips, tricks, and methods he used to strip his favorite dishes of their unhealthy ingredients and replace them with flavorful, nourishing ones. He also offers up advice on how to make a shopping list, navigate the grocery store, and choose the freshest ingredients possible. Review

Q&A with Reed Alexander, author of KewlBites

1. What inspired you to want to write a healthy cookbook?

R.A. - Several years ago, I was overweight, lethargic, and needed to make a change when it came to my out-of-control eating habits and nominal exercise regime. Spending long days on set and not feeling your best is not a winning combination! Plus, with a family history of diabetes and heart disease, I needed to grab the reins and take control of my health at a young age, not only to prevent any medical issues in the short term, but also to build a positive association with food and exercise in the long term. I transformed my kitchen into a science lab—complete with a test-tube spice rack!—and began to discover things I could swap to lighten up my favorite recipes for the dishes I craved. Along the way, I found ways to make exercise less of a chore, and developed a library of tips and techniques that really worked for me. When I dropped fifteen pounds and gained a wealth of new information, I was motivated to launch my website, a digital destination that would put a fun, upbeat spin on this serious topic.

2. How would you characterize the recipes in the book and how they represent you?

R.A. - I look at the recipes I’ve created in the pages of KewlBites as "edible souvenirs." Each of the 100 tasty and good-for-you options has been inspired by a special moment in my life. Some were conceptualized because I wanted to take home little bits of exciting vacations to destinations like London, Paris, or Barcelona in culinary form, while others are my better-for-you interpretations on classic must-haves like Apple Pie or Mussels Marinara. The recipes run the gamut from breakfast to dinner (and, of course, dessert is included!), and are family-favorites that kids and adults alike will love. Plus, they’re fast, fresh, and easy, so whether you’re a seasoned chef or just learning to break out the pots and pans, you’ll find something perfect in the pages of this book.

3. Who are some of your culinary influences and how have they helped shape the foods you make?

R.A. - Some of my major culinary influences include Giada de Laurentiis, Alain Ducasse, Bobby Flay, and Jamie Oliver. Giada has a sophisticated, cutting-edge style that reminds me how food can be delicious and light, fresh, and clean—all at the same time. Alain Ducasse is a truly brilliant visionary and one of my greatest inspirations. Dining in his outstanding restaurants around the globe never fails to open my mind. Bobby Flay is a veritable grill sensei (he should have a BBQ black belt!), and his casual, affable flair is super inviting and fun. And Jamie Oliver is not only a fantastic chef, but also an advocate for healthy food. He’s made substantial progress in taking his mission directly to schools both here in the U.S. and in his native Britain.

4. Talk about your work with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and what it’s been like to work with President Clinton.

R.A. - It’s a huge honor! I’m privileged to be an Ambassador for the Alliance, which is a partnership between the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association. Together, we’ve had extraordinary opportunities to visit schools across America, meeting students and faculty one-on-one and learning about the innovative, healthy changes they’ve made on campus. From speaking and moderating panels at President Clinton’s dynamic annual summits, which call together today’s foremost thought leaders and luminaries, to creating a special menu of nutritious lunchtime recipes that have been “kid-tested,” “kid-approved,” and are served today in over 18,000 public school cafeterias to more than 30 million students every day, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a spokesperson for this powerful organization, and can’t wait to see where we can take our partnership next.

5. What are some of the most unhealthy food habits you see amongst people your age?

R.A. - In general, it’s usually a smart choice to minimize how frequently we eat out of a box. I’ve noticed a bit of a generation-wide fast-food overload. I think it’s important to approach the way we eat with “everything-in-moderation” in mind. However, because of our fast-paced lives (busy schedules with a full plate of homework, after-school activities, and a slew of other obligations) and the perceived difficulty of whipping up a three-course meal, we often succumb to the instant gratification of boxed meals. In my book, I address these challenges and help readers find helpful “kewl bites” of advice that enable them to surmount this obstacle. For instance, by making a double batch of whole-wheat waffles or marinara sauce on the weekend, you open up a whole world of on-demand, heat-up possibilities when you find yourself in crunch time during the week. Another habit I’ve noticed is that people skip meals entirely. Full disclosure: I’m guilty of this—I used to completely forego having lunch at school because none of the options on the lunch line looked appetizing. But I’ve learned that it’s essential not to do that. You can easily transition from hungry to starving, which in turn can lead to binge eating and really spiraling out of control. So, stay full and fueled—that’s my motto—and don’t be afraid to pack a lunch ahead of time that you know you’ll love.

A Look Inside KewlBites

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Product Description
Death is his game. She writes about it.

War in the Middle East is where Connor feels most at home, savoring the chaos. Every day is a challenge to overcome. After a lifetime of wandering, he finally belongs. No other existence will do.

On her dream assignment as a correspondent for the 2008 War in Irag, Brynn finds herself taken hostage by the Taliban. Her dream turns into nightmare until…

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Reunited in their hometown and the past forgotten, Brynn and Connor’s deep attachment is rekindled. But Connor’s tempestuous nature threatens to destroy them, forcing Brynn to make an excruciating choice:

Stay until Connor’s destructive nature breaks them beyond
redemption, or set herself free and look for someone better, some place better.

The choice is costly, and which road is more than they can bear?

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Uhhhhhh Alexander Reed from go radio liked my cat video.... ❤️ why didn't I see this before I left for basic training!?@AlexGoRadio 08/21/14, @lannaNicole96
RT @PostpunkProject: if you love industrial like me, then you should check out the book "Assimilate" by S. Alexander Reed @industrial_book 08/21/14, @industrial_book
if you love industrial like me, then you should check out the book "Assimilate" by S. Alexander Reed @industrial_book 08/21/14, @PostpunkProject


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Reed Alexander Actor Reed Alexander arrives at Nickelodeon's 24th ...

Reed Alexander Actor Reed Alexander arrives at Nickelodeon's 24th ...

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