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Finally, the book that teaches you everything you need to know about taking a car to its absolute limits, sliding and skidding the whole way, in total control.

Mark Aisbett's step by step instructions and over 200 photos and diagrams show you exactly and easily how to not only slide a car with absolute precision, but what it's like to work as a stunt driver in film today.

"If you are one of the few veteran stunt drivers you ll learn some things that will help you become a better, safer driver on set, but of course I didn't write it for the seasoned stunt drivers out there. I wrote it for the up and comers. I wrote it for the guy who is in the trenches, doing everything he can to make it as a stunt driver in this tough and crazy business. I wrote this so you could have the best way possible to learn the proper techniques of driving for film. All of the techniques and tricks that it s taken me over 20 years of doing it to learn."

Most of us learn to stunt drive by second hand information, or from people with their own non optimal techniques and habits. If you are not learning the right way to do a slide, or the proper way to think about performing at your best, you are not going to be able to drive to your potential. Period. Your natural ability will be stifled by poor technique. You will never go as fast as you could, or be as safe on set as you could be.

Now is the time to do something extraordinary with your driving. To learn and ingrain the proper techniques on how to slide a car for camera. But more importantly, to be able to use your head properly so all your talent can come through when the pressure is on. Now, for the first time, there is a way for you to ingrain the proper habits so they become part of you, without having to spend thousands on a course.

In this book there is no fluff. Every technique and trick in the book, I use on set. Everything has been battle tested in high pressure situations. Feature movie sets, TV shows, racetracks and car commercials. It will give you all the tools you need to spin a car with the most speed and precision possible. I have taken all the tips, tricks, inside information, skills, observations, and mistakes I have either seen or made over the last 20 odd years, and distilled them all down into what is without a doubt the worlds best, easiest, most comprehensive, and exclusive way to learn not only stunt driving, but how to take any car to it s extreme edge faster, and at the same time safer, and with more confidence than you have ever dreamed possible.

If driving is your passion, then you will appreciate how difficult it is to drive for film. It is hard to hit a mark when the pressure is on! There is only one car, one take. As I said before, you re either a hero, or an idiot.

Here s a small taste of what s inside:
The 6 steps of sliding a 90 degree corner with ease.
The adrenaline filled joys of the 180.
How to put the 45 slide exactly where you want it.
Step by step through the reverse 180 or moonshiners turn.
The 7 crucial steps of spinning a seamless 360 at 100 kmh!

As well as:

How to control the adrenaline rush of extreme driving.
How to find where your own personal limit is, and how to expand it.
How to drive any car, at any time - to it s maximum.
What it takes to actually become a professional stunt driver.
Mental tricks that allow you to drive at your maximum. And much, much, more...

Get it now, and start to drive like never before. For the latest in the world of stunt driving, visit or my blog at

Product Description

Completely revised and upgraded for Kindle in 2012!

If you've ever been curious about performing stunts, then this book was written for you!

In So You Wanna be a Stuntman, professional stuntman Mark Aisbett covers everything you need to know to break into film and become a successful stunt performer.

He reveals:

-How to go about getting work -Why traditional job hunting techniques don't work -Tips that will help you become a professional
-How much money you can make
-Tips to help you get hired
-Why the film industry is exploding with opportunity and much more....

For the first time, your questions have been answered to help you break into the most exciting business on earth. Whether you are just starting out, or are already pursuing a career in stunts, So You you Wanna be a Stuntman is your ticket to a faster ride to the top!

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