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The Matrix/The Matrix Revisited by warner studios
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This exciting two-pack includes both the Matrix & The Matrix Revisited. The Matrix Set in the 22nd century, "Matrix" tells of a computer hacker (Reeves) who joins a group of underground insurgents fighting the vast and powerful computers who now rule the earth. The computers are powered by human beings... The Matrix Revisited Been in The Matrix? Now take the next leap of understanding with The Matrix Revisited. Experience the nuts, the bolts, the creative thunder of the cyberthriller that thrust moviemaking into an astonishing new dimension with never-before-seen footage from the original movie and exclusive reflections by those who lived it. Then go deeper with a look forward into the reality that is unfolding in real time: the sequels simmering to life at hidden locations around the world; an eye-popping first glace into The Matrix Anime - new
The Matrix
With The Matrix, Andy and Larry Wachowski crafted one of the most exhilarating sci-fi/action movies of the 1990s. In the not too distant future in an insipid, characterless city, a young man named Neo (Keanu Reeves) sits alone at home by his monitor, waiting for a sign--from what or whom he doesn't know--until one night, a mysterious woman named Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) introduces him to Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne). A messiah of sorts, Morpheus presents Neo with the truth about his world by shedding light on what the Matrix is--a reality beyond reality that controls everyone's lives, in a way Neo can barely comprehend. With mind-boggling, technically innovative special effects and a thought-provoking script that owes a debt of inspiration to the legacy of cyberpunk fiction, this is a thinking man's journey into the realm of futuristic fantasy, a dreamscape full of eye candy that will satisfy sci-fi, kung fu, action, and adventure fans alike. --Jeremy Storey

The Matrix Revisited
A fitting supplement to the feature-packed Matrix DVD, The Matrix Revisited provides a wealth of Matrix arcana, delivered by the 1999 blockbuster's principal cast and crew. The main course in this 163-minute feast is a two-hour documentary covering virtually every aspect of production, with teasing glimpses of fight training on the not-yet-released Matrix sequels. Of greater interest is the sheer depth of filmmaking coverage, with intelligent and amusing anecdotes and insights from all the major players (including graphic artist Geof Darrow, given overdue credit for his outstanding conceptual designs). Fight choreographer Yuen Wo-Ping is also a fascinating subject, and his early action-blocking videos are included for comparative study. Another segment allows obsessive fans to express their fanatical zeal for all things Matrix, and a look at the in-production Matrix anime project gives them another source of inspiration. While you're pondering which pill to take (red or blue?), The Matrix Revisited should help you decide. --Jeff Shannon

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  • Livestream: TEDx 2015 Christchurch

    10/01/15 ,via The Press

    The final session four starts at 5pm and includes Matt Vickers, Finnian Galbraith and Julian Arahanga & Ladi6. The one-day event says it is for "curious, passionate" people looking to be "intrigued, inspired, provoked and uplifted".it aims to dispense

  • Wellington actor injures brain in fall

    12/04/12 ,via

    Wellington actor and film-maker Julian Arahanga has suffered a brain injury after falling three metres on to concrete. The actor, who appeared in films including The Matrix and Once Were Warriors, was discharged on Sunday after a week in hospital.


@RealHughJackman Brion James or Julian Arahanga can be the your friend FORGE . 12/19/15, @aranhasimbionte
IMDb. December 18th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lynn Bari, T.K. Carter, Noel Baker, Chris Furrh, Everlayne Borges, Alex Sgambati, Julian Arahanga. 12/18/15, @Kreeah


  • Wild Mushroom Crostini

    wild mushroom, butter, mayonnaise, olive oil, red wine vinegar, shallot, thyme, bread, truffle oil


  • Born to Fly

    2015. ISBN: 1775500047,9781775500049. 40 pages.

    Shot down off the coast of Germany, Pohe was held prisoner at Stalag Luft III, near Sagan in present-day Poland. Digging a tunnel under the camp, Pohe was one of the prisoners who escaped in a mass breakout which was immortalised in the film The Great Escape.

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  • Born to dance sets stage alight

    11/05/15 ,via Sydney Morning Herald

    He'd had contact with the film world, however, through a family connection, his half brother, Julian Arahanga, who played Nig in Once Were Warriors, and Apoc in The Matrix. Hip-hop high drama. He went to drama school at 19, but still hadn't really thought ...

  • Once Were Warriors

    09/24/15 ,via Left Lion

    A documentary celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the film made by Julian Arahanga – the actor who played Jake Heke – revealed that director Lee Tamarohi and producer Robin Scholes sought the blessing from leading Māori figures to make the film.

  • May 5-11: Including The Datsuns at Roundhead and Julian Arahanga

    05/05/15 ,via Listener

    SATURDAY MAY 5 The Datsuns/Compilation Recorded Live at Roundhead Studios (95bFM, 11.00am, and Friday, 2.00pm). Revving their engines at Roundhead today are hard rock band the Datsuns, who began their musical lives in Cambridge as Trinket way back in 1995.


Julian Arahanga - IMDb

Julian Arahanga, Actor: The Matrix. Julian Arahanga was born on December 18, 1972 in Raetihi, New Zealand. He is a director and actor, known for The Matrix (1999 ...

Julian Arahanga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Julian Arahanga (born 18 December 1972) is a New Zealand film and television actor. Biography. Arahanga was born Julian Sonny Arahanga in Raetihi, Manawatu-Wanganui ...

Julian Arahanga - Biography - IMDb

Julian Arahanga was born on December 18, 1972 in Raetihi, New Zealand. He is a director and actor, known for The Matrix (1999), Songs from the Inside...

Julian Arahanga | NZ On Screen

Julian Arahanga - Julian Arahanga shot into the public eye in 1994's Once Were Warriors, playing the son who becomes a gang-member. He followed it with a starring ...

Julian Arahanga

Julian Arahanga

Julian Arahanga Julian arahanga as eddie in

Julian Arahanga Julian arahanga as eddie in
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Julian Arahanga | Eye Candy :-) | Pinterest
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