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Popular culture helps construct, define, and impact our everyday realities and must be taken seriously because popular culture is, simply, popular. Communication Perspectives on Popular Culture brings together communication experts with diverse backgrounds, from interpersonal communication, business and organizational communication, mass communication, media studies, narrative, rhetoric, gender studies, autoethnography, popular culture studies, and journalism. The contributors tackle such topics as music, broadcast and Netflix television shows, movies, the Internet, video games, and more, as they connect popular culture to personal concerns as well as larger political and societal issues. The variety of approaches in these chapters are simultaneously situated in the present while building a foundation for the future, as contributors explore new and emerging ways to approach popular culture. From case studies to emerging theories, the contributors examine how popular culture, media, and communication influence our everyday lives.
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This landmark guide covers research into every aspect of African-American life and work, offering a compendium of information and interpretation about almost 400 years of African-Americans' experiences as an ethnic group and as Americans.

The first part of the Guide contains 12 essays on historical research aids, from traditional archival and reference materials to the Internet. The second and largest part presents comprehensive and chronological bibliographies, prepared by John Thornton, Peter H. Wood, Gary B. Nash, Stephanie Shaw, Richard J. M. Blackett, Eric Foner, Leon F. Litwack, Joe W. Trotter, Jeffrey Conrad Stewart, Nancy L. Grant, Darlene Clark Hine, Clayborne Carson, John H. Bracey, Adam Biggs, and Corey Walker. The third part contains listings of resources on the special subjects of women, prepared by Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham; geographical areas; and autobiography and biography, prepared by Randall K. Burkett, Leon F. Litwack, and Richard Newman. A companion CD-ROM packaged with the book makes more than 15,000 bibliography entries available for computer searching.

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  • RTD Driver Charged With Insincere Imprisonment For Passenger Incident

    09/22/17 ,via CBS Local

    8 in Adams County. Rice stopped to pick up a voyager, Eric Brandt, who regularly protests police wearing a shirt that reads “F*** Cops” and carries a voluminous three dimensional sign read the same thing and depicting a middle finger. He was trying to get

  • Breckenridge set on 'footprint' for new parking garage at Tiger Dredge lot

    09/27/17 ,via Aspen Times

    On the upside, the subordinate option included more options for amenities on Adams Avenue and could be cheaper to build, with less excavation work required. "The layout serving is the biggest piece for today," Mayor Eric Mamula responded as council members 


RT @joe_sheehan: "Layover f***ing bunting." -- John Quincy Adams 09/21/17, @Eric_Bart


  • Eric Lanlards Strawberry Gateaux Recipe

    cake, icing, vanilla extract, eggs, eggs, flour, flour, caster sugar, caster sugar, chocolate, marzipan, milk, butter, butter, strawberries, milk, baking powder, kirsch, vanilla extract

  • Eric's Brownies

    brown sugar, butter, cocoa powder, eggs, flour, nuts, vanilla extract


  • Hormonal Carcinogenesis IV

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2006. ISBN: 9780387237619,0387237615. 546 pages.

    It has been over a decade since the Blue ribbon International Symposium on Hormonal Carcinogenesis convened in 199 1. Since then, the field has rapidly expanded with considerable progress in both breast and prostate cancers; while ovarian and endometrial cancer have been hampered, in district, due to the absence of suitable hormone-mediated animal models. While knock-out, transgenic, and cell-culture systems have been extremely useful in identifying spelt genelprotein alterations and the ensuing pathways affected, the precise molecular mechanisms whereby sex hormones elicit their oncogenic effects still remnants elusive. Moreover, despite the considerable progress made in breast cancer research, the exact role of progestins in the presence or non-presence of estrogen in breast growth, differentiation, and malignant transformation is lacking. Elucidating the incipient molecular alterations in earlylpre-invasive lesions elicited by these hormones is a growing effective focus of this field. The main purpose of these Symposia has been to address vital questions that impact our understanding of the causation, dependency, progression, guerrilla, and prevention of hormonally-associated cancers. We are indebted to the Scientific Advisory Board members who worked with us reviewing and offering suggestions to decide the scientific program. We offer special thanks for the guidance and support of Dr. Gerald Mueller. His wisdom played an indispensable role in maintaining the distinction of these Symposia. We also acknowledge the numerous external reviewers that worked diligently to revise and improve the quality of the manuscripts. We are very grateful to Ms. Tandria Outlay.


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For the lifestyle three decades, Eric L. Adams has served the residents of the city of his birth as a police officer, state senator and coalition builder.


Eric J. Partlow is an attorney practicing in Lawsuit and Arbitration law in the Adams and Reese Tampa office

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Biography and photographs, dirt, community resources, history and culture, events and attractions.

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