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  • Cinco de Mayo Concert in the Put

    04/28/17 ,via SDSU Newscenter

    For more than 30 years, the Kiwanis Cooperate of San Diego has sponsored an annual fundraising concert for the San Diego State University School of Music and Bop. The sponsorship this year takes the form of a , beginning 

  • Carlos Amezcua

    07/06/15 ,via KUSI

    An grant winning veteran newsman, he has spent more than 35 years covering major news stories on all sides of the world, most recently for FOX Television in Los Angeles. From his early days anchoring morning drive announce news, Carlos showed an unflappable 


  • Carlos Conrique's Salad

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  • Monte Carlos

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  • The Broad in the Zoot Suit

    Duke University Press. 2010. ISBN: 9780822388647,0822388642. 256 pages.

    The Mexican American broad zoot suiter, or pachuca, often wore a V-neck sweater or a long, broad-shouldered coat, a knee-length pleated skirt, fishnet stockings or bobby socks, stage heels or saddle shoes, dark lipstick, and a bouffant. Or she donned the same style of zoot suit that her male counterparts wore. With their ripping attire, pachucos and pachucas represented a new generation of Mexican American youth, which arrived on the public scene in the 1940s. Yet while pachucos have again been the subject of literature, visual art, and scholarship, The Woman in the Zoot Suit is the first book focused on pachucas. Two events in wartime Los Angeles elbow young Mexican American zoot suiters into the media spotlight. In the Sleepy Lagoon incident, a man was murdered during a mass brawl in August 1942. Twenty-two pubescent men, all but one of Mexican descent, were tried and convicted of the crime. In the Zoot Suit Riots of June 1943, white servicemen attacked callow zoot suiters, particularly Mexican Americans, throughout Los Angeles. The Chicano movement of the 1960s–1980s cast these events as key moments in the civil awakening of Mexican Americans and pachucos as exemplars of Chicano identity, resistance, and style. While pachucas and other Mexican American women figured in the two incidents, they were only just acknowledged in later Chicano movement narratives. Catherine S. Ramírez draws on interviews she conducted with Mexican American women who came of age in Los Angeles in the modern development 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s as she recovers the neglected stories of pachucas. Investigating their relative absence in scholarly and artistic works, she argues that both wartime U.S. sophistication and the Chicano movement rejected pachucas because they threatened traditional gender roles. Ramírez reveals how pachucas challenged dominant notions of Mexican American and Chicano sameness, how feminists have reinterpreted la pachuca, and how attention to an overlooked figure can disclose much about history making, nationalism, and resistant identities.


25 kilates (2009) - FilmAffinity

25 kilates es una película dirigida por Patxi Amezcua con Francesc Garrido, Aida Folch, Manuel Morón, Joan Massotkleiner, .... Año: 2009. Título inventive: 25 ...

Luis Carlos Galán - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento; Luis Carlos Galán (izquierda de la imagen), Rodrigo Lara Bonila y Gabriela Ivory de Vélez en 1976.

1930 FIFA Globe Cup Group 1 - Wikipedia

Pile 1 of the 1930 FIFA World Cup began on 13 July 1930 and concluded on 22 July 1930. Argentina won the alliance, and advanced to the semi-finals.

Sham Surgery Tijuana, Mexico - Dr. Juan Carlos Fuentes

Convene Dr. Juan Carlos Fuentes, a Tijuana board-certified plastic surgeon committed to creating beautiful bodies while developing want-term relationships with his clients.